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Amateur Sports Association Arashi-Do Milano

Karate Classes for adults and children. Female self-defence class. Our Dojo is in Milan, Adress: Viale Lazio, 19.

Karate Adults

Tuesday and Friday 7.30PM -- 9.00PM

Apart from the phisical aspect, Karate is really unbeatable from the mental point of view.

Karate practictioners focus on perfect control, through training they find mental balance and become imperturbable.

Karate Children

Tuesday e Friday 6.15PM -- 7.30PM

Karate practice is especially suited for children in the school age. Karate has a magic value: appease lively children and encourage the shy ones, make them grow with the knowledge of their inner resources, with respect and self-control.

Female Self Defence Class

Class will start on demand

It's an enriching experience, full of informations for prevention, to be able to sustain but first of all to avoid dangerous situations. It's a female point of view course that will teach you how to develop a correct frame of mind and a good self-confidence.


We are proud of:

  • Our guide, Gerardo Campanale Sensei, 6┬░Dan black belt
  • Our instructors, each of whom has decades of practice
  • The spirit of our dojo, martial but yet familiar

ARASHI-DO MILANO Amateur Sports Association is affiliated with the Italian Traditional Karate Federation (FIKTA) and to Us Acli sports promotion autority. This means every practitioner in our school can take their level examinations and participate in competions and stages. Our students receive a "Karate passport", that identify them as traditional Karate practitioner and in wich every level advance will be reported.

Andrea Forti, technical director


Uor school is affiliated to

  • Fikta

  • Isi

  • UsAcli