A look to the future

Due to it's capacity to armonically develop all coordination abilities Karate is particularly suited for children in the younger school age (6-11).

Karate practice is avdised as a meaning to correct common postural problems like lordosis, scoliosis or kyphosis.

From an educational point of view Karate works like a charm for children: appease lively children and encourage the shy ones, letting them grow with the knowlegde of their inner resources, with respect and self-control.

  • Coordination abilities
  • Discipline
  • Fun


T hrough a correct didactic progression we can archive important results in preventing common postural problems. Our methodology let the children learn with fun and at a correct pace and a balanced growing up.


I n a playful enviroment children learn hot to use freely their body. They are encouraged to direct their energy in a meaningful manner, learning the importance of the rules. Modern society can by scary for a child, karate practice can help young pupils make their first steps in the word easily due to it's ability to make children know that using their will and self-confidence they can overcome any obstacle.

The group

G roup lessons con provide an important enviroment in witch older students, for age and level, become guiding figues for the youngers. In our annual program we have playful competion thought to get children used gradually to the stress of the confrontation with other, in order to prepare them for the final class examination.


W e close every lesson with a little play. Through theese funny moments we focus on coordination in open situation enviroment, important to develop and refine precision skills. Parents can put their pupils in the hands of the istructor without worries, there is no danger for young males or females.

Secret to effectively work with children: loving hardness

Gerardo Campanale Sensei

Niccolò Chiodarelli, 4° Dan black belt fifteen years experienced with children and Giulia Caldara, 2° Dan black belt are this class istructors.


Niccolò Chiodarelli

Children class responsible

  • 4° Dan black belt
  • Fikta istructor since 2000
  • It's been working with children for the last fifteen years

Giulia Caldara

Children instructor

  • 2° Dan black belt

Children from 6 to 14 years old

  • Class price include

  • Annual frequency two times a week
  • Association inscription
  • Italian Traditional Karate Federation registration
  • Insurance

Class Schedule

  • Tuesday

    6.15pm -- 7.30pm
  • Friday

    6.15pm -- 7.30pm